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George Brown: In his own words

Minpaku has created an illustrated introduction to the early years of George Brown's life, based on his autobiography George Brown, D.D. Pioneer-Missionary and Explorer published in 1908 (see 'Bibliography'). Brown wrote his autobiography with the help of two daughters, Elizabeth and Monica.

'The Early Years and The Call' (pp. 3-25).
The text is directly quoted from the book. We have created an table of contents for each section, and have added photos and images to illustrate the story.

The source for each image used is shown underneath the image. Visitors who require higher resolution images and copyright permissions should go to the sources indicated.

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Google Map of locations mentioned in the opening chapter.

This interactive map introduces many of the locations mentioned by George Brown in his opening chapters.

  • Use the cursor or click on the arrows to change the map view.
  • Click on the plus/minus signs to zoom in or out.
  • Click on the balloons to see more information about each location.
  • Click on the Map, Sat or Ter signs to change the view from map view to satellite or terrain view.

Brown's autobiography includes a map of Polynesia. In later editions of the book, this map is only reproduced in black and white. This colour version is from the first edition. Click on the map to see larger map in new window.