The 6th Meeting of Signed and Spoken Language Linguistics
Friday, September 22 - Sunday, September 24, 2017 National Museum of Ethnology, Japan

2017年9月22日(金)~24日(日) 国立民族学博物館

Practical Information 日本語版は後半をごらんください

Visa Requirements to Enter Japan

A Guide to Japanese Visas can be found at the following website:
There are 61 countries that have concluded visa waiver arrangements with Japan. Please check to make sure if your country is one of those that have concluded visa waver arrangements with Japan.
If you are from People's Republic of China, Russia, one of the NIS countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan), or if you are from the Philippines, you will need to apply for a short-term stay visa to enter Japan. The details are shown on the web site. If you need the invitation letter (no transportation / accommodation expenses), please tell us, no later than August 9, 2017.


General access information is available at:

If taking a taxi:
From Senri-Chuo, ask the driver to take you to “the employees entrance of Minpaku (民博職員通用口)” (about 10 minutes, 2,000 yen)
From JR Ibaraki Station, “Nihon Teien Mae (Japanese Garden) parking lot (日本庭園前駐車場(ゲート前))” (about 10 minutes, 1,600 yen)


Toyoko Inn Osaka Itami Kuko
Address: 2-13-16 Hotarugaike-Nishimachi, Toyonaka-city, Osaka
TEL: 81-6-6842-1045 / FAX: 81-6-6842-1046 / Site / Map
Reservation closing day: August 31.
* 20 rooms have been held for SSLL2017 participants at the following rate (first come, first served). To make a reservation sign up at before August 31, 2017:
Hotel Reservation Form
Sept. 21 7,128 yen
Sept. 22 8,208 yen
Sept. 23 8,208 yen
Sept. 24 7,128 yen
Non-smoking, single rooms only. Free breakfast.
Other Suggested Hotel To make reservation, please contact the hotels directly.
Hotel Hankyū Expo Park
[15 minutes walkfrom the conference venue]
Address: 1-5 Senri-Banpaku-Koen, Suita-City, Osaka
TEL: 81-6-6878-5151 / FAX: 81-6-6878-3456 / Site / Map
Senri Hankyū Hotel
[One monorail ride (2 stops) to the venue; eateries and shopping areas are in the vicinity]
Address: 2-1-D-1 Shinsenri Higashimachi, Toyonaka City, Osaka
TEL: 81-6-6872-2211 / FAX: 81-6-6832-2161 / Site / Map
Shin-Osaka Esaka Tokyu Rei Hotel
[Two short rides to the venue; business hotel room rates]
Address: 9-6 Toyotsumachi, Suita City, Osaka
TEL: 81-6-6338-0109 / FAX: 81-6-6338-8010 / Site / Map
Hotel Claiton Esaka
[Two short rides to the venue; business hotel room rates]
Address: 1-40 Toyotsumachi, Suita City, Osaka
TEL: 81-6-6388-1211 / FAX: 81-6-6338-7011 / Site / Map
Sunny Stone Hotel
[Two short rides to the venue; budget room rates]
Address: 10-3 Hiroshiba-cho, Suita ,Osaka
TEL: 81-6-6386-0001 / FAX: 81-6-6386-1631 / Site / Map
Super Hotel Midōsuji-sen-Esaka
Address: 12-33 Hiroshiba-cho Suita, Osaka
TEL: 81-6-4861-9000 / FAX: 81-6-4861-9007 / Site / Map
Hotel Parkside Osaka
Address: 1-13-28, Esaka Chou, Suita City, Osaka
TEL: 81-6-6386-9191 / FAX: 81-6-6386-9146 / Site / Map

Map of Minpaku and hotels



住所: 大阪府豊中市螢池西町2-13-16
TEL: 06-6842-1045 / FAX: 06-6842-1046 / ホームページ / 地図
9月21日 ¥7,128
9月22日 ¥8,208
9月23日 ¥8,208
9月24日 ¥7,128
フェスタ2017 ホテル予約フォーム
住所: 大阪府吹田市千里万博公園1-5
TEL: 06-6878-5151 / FAX: 06-6878-34566 / ホームページ / 地図
住所: 2-1-D-1 大阪府豊中市新千里東町2-1
TEL: 81-6-6872-2211 / FAX: 06-6832-2161 / ホームページ / 地図
住所: 大阪府吹田市豊津町9-6
TEL: 06-6338-0109 / FAX: 06-6338-8010 / ホームページ / 地図
住所: 大阪府吹田市豊津町1-40
TEL: 06-6388-1211 / FAX: 06-6338-7011 / ホームページ / 地図
住所: 大阪府吹田市広芝町10-3
TEL: 06-6386-0001 / FAX: 06-6386-1631 / ホームページ / 地図
住所: 大阪府吹田市広芝町12-33 / ホームページ / 地図
TEL: 06-4861-9000 / FAX: 06-4861-9007
住所: 大阪府吹田市江坂町1-13-28 / ホームページ / 地図
TEL: 06-6386-9191 / FAX: 06-6386-9146