The 6th Meeting of Signed and Spoken Language Linguistics
Friday, September 22 - Sunday, September 24, 2017 National Museum of Ethnology, Japan

2017年9月22日(金)~24日(日) 国立民族学博物館



JSL (日本手話)

SSLL2017 will be held for the promotion of sign language linguistics, and also for a better understanding of human language by comparing and analyzing signed and spoken languages. English/Japanese, ASL/English, JSL/Japanese interpretation will be provided and the presentations will be webcast on Ustream.

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後援:社会福祉法人全国手話研究センター日本手話研究所、日本言語学会、一般財団法人 全日本ろうあ連盟、日本通訳翻訳学会(JAITS)、日本手話学会