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George Brown and his collection

This section of the site lists other sources of information about George Brown and his collection. We also include links to information about missionary societies and the South Pacific region itself.

Photographs and information about objects in the collection have been collated in a computer database maintained by the Museum. Use our Contact form for more information about this. A collection list has been published in Japanese, by Shuzo Ishimori and Isao Hayashi (eds). See the Bibliography for details.

Australian Museum
This has a collection of over 900 photographs taken by Brown while he was in the South Pacific. Contact their Archives and Records department for more information.
The Mitchell Library
This library, part of the State Library of New South Wales, is the publisher of the full documentary record of Brown.
Pacific Island Culture & Society
Brown's papers as published by Adam Matthew Publications Ltd.
Pitt Rivers Museum
This University of Oxford museum also has some of its collections databases available online, including some of Brown's artefacts. These databases can be accessed from their Online databases and catalogues page.

Cultural heritage of the South Pacific

Papua New Guinea Museum and Art Gallery

Fiji National Museum

Te Papa Tongarewa: Museum of New Zealand
This is an excellent museum for exploring the history and geology of the South Pacific region. Highly recommended.

Auckland War Memorial Museum
This has part of Brown's collection of birds from the Pacific Islands.

Missionary history

Australia's Christian Heritage National Forum
An Australian group dedicated to recording the contribution of pioneer missionaries, such as Brown, to history.