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This website has been developed by Peter J. Matthews and Isao Hayashi, both at the National Museum of Ethnology, Japan (with assistance from Mark Smith, Etsuko Tabuchi and Junko Miyazaki). Development of the website was supported by 'Cultural Resource Project' grants awarded by the National Museum of Ethnology, 2008-2010, 2014-2015.

Development of the site has also benefitted from discussions with academic colleagues in Australia: Drs Robin Torrence and Jim Specht, Australian Museum, Sydney; Dr Jude Philp, Macleay Museum, Sydney University; Mr Alan Davis, State Library of New South Wales.

We are also grateful to many others who have provided historical information, image permissions, and perspectives relevant to this project: The Gordon Historical Society, Sydney, Australia; Mr Richard Waugh, National Superintendent, Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand; Raglan and District Museum, New Zealand; Andover-Harvard Theological Museum, USA; English Heritage Photo Library, UK; North of England Newspaper Archive, UK, and many others...

Finally, we thank the original sources of the George Brown collection -- the many individuals and communities in Oceania who provided Brown with materials now held by our museum, more than a century later.

Contacting the museum with information or inquiries

The present website does not allow direct communication between curators and interested individuals and communities, but we do welcome enquiries, requests for further information, and offers of any information related to George Brown, the people and communities he worked with, and his collections.

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